Missions Statistics
A simple global statistic about the current state of missions efforts sums it up: There are over 7 billion people on this planet, and more than 4 billion are not saved.


The Goal

Plain and simple, the goal of OpenMission is to raise missions awareness and connect the church body to active missions and the missionaries that are carrying them out to fulfill The Great Commission. OpenMission was originally designed to be a missions based collaboration suite, but the original software platform took a commerical direction, so it no longer was a viable option. Thankfully, with the advent of Google Blogger, WordPress, and other blogging and collaboration platforms, the distributed computing model proved to be more efficient. With that in mind, a refactoring of the current software was performed and the OpenMission platform went from a community software platform to a community aggregator focused on bringing distributed missions sites together.

The Plan

The Great Commission commands us to get the Gospel of Christ out to the unsaved world - all the nations, every tribe and tongue. Quite simply it is to preach the gospel and let man decide on how he will respond to it. For a missions community, the easiest way to do this is to provde a centralized place for people to understand what is going on with missions efforts and to get to know the people carrying them out. By combining the daily feeds from many missions sites around the world, the distributed computing model allows them to be individually maintained, but centrally distributed. So in essence, our plan is to distribute feeds from missions sites that we are connected to so they can be centrally consumed by users.

The Technology

Any system is only as good as the foundation from which it was built on. OpenMission was designed from inception to use a solid foundation as the building blocks for its components and open standards whenever possible. We utilize open web standards such as RSS, Atom, and Web services to aggregate and produce our missions content. These standards ensure that even though many of our missions sites use technologies that are different that the ones we use, we can still easily consume thier content and bring it in to the OpenMission platform. Our key architecture approach is outlined below so you can see the basis for our technology platform.

Enterprise Technologies

Our tech has a proven track record in the enterprise. Our platform is built on technologies that we use in our day jobs.

Open Standards

We are interoperable with our feeds, partners, and providers by using open standards.

Global Scope

Our global goal is to provide content and feeds for missions efforts and news sources around the world.

Distributed Computing

We stay up-to-date with the latest information using our on-demand architecture that supports multiple platforms.